He celebrates every snow flake.
Puddle Splasher
They renounce the lure of sat-nav.
Girl holding a sparkler

He celebrates every snow flake.
Rejoices in a sea of white.
He’s Thomas the weather warrior.
And he’s scrunchy snow happy.

She laughs in the face of puddles.
Leaps in the howling winds.
She is Lola the weather warrior.
And she’s soggy socks happy.

They renounce the lure of sat-nav.
Rejoice in their long-lost map.
They’re rambling weather warriors.
And they’re off-grid happy.

She paints the sky with sparkles.
Leaps with each burst of light.
She is Poppy the weather warrior.
And she’s bonfire night happy.

From cottages to castles, we have over 150 amazing places to eat, sleep and dream about tomorrow’s adventures. And with YHA, there’ll always be room on our radiators for triumphant weather warriors.

You can find all kinds of #yhappy from just £29 a night.

Salty Skin
Make me salty skin #YHAppy
Winter warming
Make me winter warm #YHAppy
Leaf pile happy
Make me leaf pile #YHAppy
Make me tiny pony #YHAppy
Scrunchy snow
Make me scrunchy snow #YHAppy
Welly boot
Make me welly boot #YHAppy
Group having a chat

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